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Artist Development

The Artist & Product Development Front

The term "Artist Development" encompasses two general concepts. "Pre-Release" issues involve these jobs, tasks, and other considerations that an artist or band must do to create, protect and prepare a recording for the marketplace. "Product Development" issues are concerned with any and all things that must be done to get your music into the marketplace.

Artist Management

Music Manager (aka Artist Manager, Talent Manager, Band Manager, or Personal Manager)
The Music Manager has the most interaction with the artist and is generally the most important person in the artist's musical life. They are involved in planning, coordinating and organizing the career of the artist. They are involved in counseling and advising the artist on all matters related to their musical careers. The personal manager should research the music industry and know all about record labels, publishing companies, producers, booking agents, promoters, publicists, stylists, photographers, recording engineers, graphic designers, video directors, music licensees, etc., and how they integrate themselves into the overall career plan. The more contacts the manager has, the more effective they will be at their job